Flexible Booking
We offer the option to make a flexible booking.
* Only to be booked directly when booking your training
This option will enable flexible booking in case of cancellation (within 14 days prior to the event) on one of the following grounds:

1.    Death, Serious illness, serious accident, or pregnancy of the insured person or of a ‘risk’ person. ‘Risk’ persons are minors or first-degree relatives who require nursing care.
2.    Damage to property (vehicle) of the insured person due to fire, natural disasters, serious accidents or criminal acts (such as burglary).
3.    Loss of permanent employment of the insured person due to an unexpected business-related termination of the employment contract by the employer.
4.    Commencing work under an employment contract, provided that the policyholder was registered as unemployed at the time of booking.
5.    Unexpected call on the policyholder to serve in the army, insofar as the same cannot be postponed, and the cancellation costs will not be reimbursed by another cost centre.
6.    Retaking of exams at a school or university in which the policyholder was not previously successful, wherein a failure to retake the exam would result in an extension of the course of study.

* This flexible booking only covers the cost of the training and the motorbike rental that have been made directly with RSE. Caution! It does not cover any travel and accommodation costs that you may incur. You must recover those under your personal travel insurance.
A flexible booking can protect you against the financial consequences of cancellation.

Flexible booking cancellation policy

⦁    In case of cancellation by the participant within 14 days prior to the event 100% of the total payment will be kept as a credit on your account and you will be able to join a training on a different event and racetrack.

In order to claim on the basis of any of the aforesaid grounds for cancellation, the policyholder shall notify the cancellation within three days after the ground for the same arises. Such notification shall be sent in writing, with a statement of reasons by email to info@racing-school-europe.com. Failure to meet the requirement shall exempt Racing School Europe from facilitating a replacement training and bike rent.