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Most (CZ) 3 day racing school course Arrive and Ride - 10th - 12th of May

3 day course incl. BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR | Powered by BMW Motorrad

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Do you dream of getting your knee down? Like any technical sport all it takes is some mastery of the technique – it’s something that can be taught to anyone.
At Racing School Europe we have courses designed to quickly accelerate your riding ability so that in a few days to you can reach a level that was unthinkable before. This professional training program is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders and even up to race level. We tailor the program to your skill level so even if you have never ridden on a racetrack before you will feel at home at RSE. Age and experience are irrelevant.
The training course consists of a full day of sessions which alternate between theory and practice.

On average you will get five practical sessions per day riding on track, each lasting about 20 minutes of riding under the guidance of an instructor. After each session video and observations are used to assist evaluation and analysis during debriefing.
Each student is individually assessed by their instructor against their personal learning plan which focuses on the most relevant aspects of racing technique for each individual.

Between sessions you will receive instruction on the ins and outs of racing techniques. This includes mental aspects ("flow"), body position (hanging off), trail braking technique, technique for braking into corners and hitting the apex, tension and pressure on the bars, knee-tank relationship, footrest pressure, throttle control at entry and exit of corners, head position in corners, corner entry and exit technique and much more.
Over a three day course this approach nets you hundreds of intelligent circuit miles. One thing all courses have in common is personal attention as groups consist of up to 3 people maximum. It is even possible to receive 1-1 instruction if necessary. Our instructors are experienced riders, trained in the transfer of knowledge and will tailor instruction to your riding level.

Fly in and Ride / Arrive & Ride package incl. the new BMW S 1000 RR

As an official BMW Motorrad partner, RSE exclusively offers the opportunity to learn on the latest BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR. Starting for just € 525- * per training day. Just show up to the event and RSE will have your bike and equipment ready to go! You can improve your skills while riding this fantastic motorcycle. This package includes insurance (insurance for damage excess of € 2500,- ) tires, fuel, fueling service,replacement brake pads, tire mounting, mechanical support, motorcycle transport to and from the venue.

* This fee is in addition to the course entry fee, price may vary on the model of choice.

More information regarding our program:

Quick summary

Country Czech Republic
City Most
Racetrack Autodrom Most
BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR rental includes
S 1000 RR Included
Bike insurance Included with a excess of € 2500,-
Shift pattern Race or street
Tires Metzeler K3 included
Rain tires Metzeler Racetec Rain included
Transport bike Included
Fuel Included
Fueling service Included
Mechanic Included
Brake pads Included
Events details
Track-time 5-6 sessions per day
Race-lab 3-4 blocks per day
Riding coach 1 on 3 guidance
Timekeeping AIM system and Speedhive app
Video analysis GoPro video analysis
Small catering Water, coffee and refreshments
Photographer Photo-BK
Free beers End of the day free beers included!
Event options
Pit box Optional
Riding gear Optional
Flexible booking Optional cancellation insurance
Tire warmers Optional
Tire upgrade Metzeler K1/K2 slick options
Lunch Optional

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